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Erosion Control

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Silver Springs Compost

Composting is a natural process that converts organic waste into a stable, nutrient-rich organic soil amendment. Silver Springs compost meets USEPA and WA State testing criteria. Rich in organic matter and soil nutrients, Silver Springs compost increases water holding capacity of soil while aiding in weed suppression. Silver Springs offers Class-A (top grade) compost for bulk purchase. Please see us for details...

Silver Springs Process

Silver Springs Organics uses a state-of-the-art, covered Aerated Static Pile (ASP) designed and manufactured by Engineered Compost Systems of Seattle. The negative air ASP accelerates the composting process and manages adverse odors. Silver Springs and ECS worked together in the design and construction of this facility.

Acceptable Materials

For a complete list of acceptable, compostable materials, please click the PRODUCTS link.

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