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July 28, 2011

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Silver Springs Organics has worked hard over the past 12-18 months to implement new and improved upon operational and management practices. The result has been improved odor control at the site.

To further exemplify our long-term commitment to being a good neighbor and minimize local impacts, SSO is embarking on an extensive capital improvement project that began several months ago and is expected to be completed in the spring of 2012. One of the more substantial changes this project brings is the separation of our clean storm-water and process leachate. This will eliminate the need for large, open storage and management of our process water as currently practiced in our lined pond. In a future letter, we will be inviting you to an open house one Saturday in late August or early September to display and discuss the project details for a more comprehensive understanding.

Planning and design of this project has been underway for more than a year. Over the last several months we have instituted multiple operational interim plans to prepare the site for the physical construction. One example is the cleaning of our current process water pond which will begin next week. The pond will be thoroughly cleaned in preparation for its conversion to clean storm-water storage.

This cleaning is a monumental task that can only be accomplished this time of year where rainfall is unlikely. It involves the removal of fine organic residuals settled on the bottom liner in a semisolid state. The extraction and recycling of this material can present challenges to odor control. The extraction of this material MUST be completed in order to eliminate its future production through the facility redesign. Any off-site odor this maintenance may produce is ONLY TEMPORARY. We will be taking every precaution to minimize any odor impact from this activity.

The cleaning will be executed in two phases, each taking an estimated 3-5 days from start to finish. The first interval will begin next week and the second is projected to begin either the week of August 8th or August 15th This schedule is estimated and is subject to change. We are simultaneously working towards updating this “Events” page to post future notices and changes. You can visit this page any time to find updated information.

If you experience odor from this activity, please contact us directly at 360-446-7645. Any calls we receive will be reported to our regulators who have full disclosure of this activity. We will be doing everything possible to minimize the temporary inconvenience this may cause. We thank you in advance for your support and understanding of this scheduled disruption for the greater good of future odor control.

Silver Springs Organics

Attention Valued Food Waste Customers

Silver Springs Organics is a State-of-the-Art commercial composting facility operating under specific regulatory guidelines monitored and enforced by multiple local, state and regional regulatory agencies. The acceptance of specific products/wastes for the organics collection and processing programs is typically determined by operating permits in present effect which continuously evolve over time. Internal operational and product quality goals are of constant consideration as well.

The evolution of operating permits, regulations and product quality goals of Silver Springs Organics form a need for ongoing alterations to the Acceptable Waste List making it subject to change sometimes without notice. Recently, milk/juice cartons, other plastic lined food containers and bathroom paper towel have been eliminated from acceptance.

Specifically, milk/juice cartons have operational and regulatory challenges to processing odor management, liquid/leachate management and plastic contamination to finished products. Bathroom collected paper towels have a risk to human pathogen exposure and regulatory waste classification conflict with the operating permits governing Silver Springs Organics. Both items are now prohibited from acceptance at Silver Springs Organics.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation, understanding and assistance in keeping Silver Springs Organics a 100% compliant, premier compost facility.

Silver Springs Organics

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